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Missionary Bill Hart

Apado Postal #86, Jesus Maria, AGS

c.p. 20900  Mexico  011-521-449-113-1371

Dear Fellow Laborers in Christ,

Psa. 46:10  Be still, and know that I am God:  I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

We are very excited about what the Lord has and is doing in us and through us.  We continue to marvel at how our great God works in the lives of those He has given me to shepherd at Grace & Truth Baptist Church of Aguascalientes and Liberty Baptist Church of Jesus Maria.  I have renewed marital vows and preached funerals since our last letter and it never ceases to amaze and astound me of how interested God is in the details of the lives of His people.

I am thrilled to see the men in prison respond to God's Word weekly as I teach and preach.  Pray for me on Tuesday's between 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  Last week I took one of our men from Grace & Truth Baptist Church and they wouldn't let him in with me.  He wore boots, so they made him wait out in my car the whole time I was there.  I need helpers and the devil fights it all the way.  Please pray for Israel a young man convicted of selling drugs and after serving 7 years is ready to leave the system and is fired up for God and desires to come along with us and serve.

Also, pray for Rodolfo who is being challenged in his walk with God, but is resisting the urge to follow God's leading in his life.  This is the second time in a few years that he has come to me and nothing as of yet has resulted from it.  We have a young couple in the other church who remain faithful but are obviously being tortured by satin.  The young wife went to Bible College and the husband has been with the church from the beginning.  When I married them we had such hopes they would turn out for God, but they have hardened their hearts,  Please pray!  In the ranches (small rural towns) I continue to preach Christ where Christ has not been preached.  There are literally thousands of these seemingly forgotten places that do not have anything but the standard cathedral.  In one of the ranches I was meeting with 2 - 8 people on Saturday, but the wife of the household went illegal to the states to see her children and now the husband is too busy fixing up his house in case she wants to stay and he has to sell and move illegally to the states with her.  In the ranch of El Novillo, I continue to meet with 20 - 30 people on Tuesday night at 6:30 PM.  The family had been saved years ago, but when the missionary left over 10 years ago they had no where to go to church.  One of the men in the family moved to Aguascalientes and attended a Baptist Church and 2 years ago moved his family to Canada.  He is a school teacher and came back to Aguascalientes to work for the school system for a year and a half to receive his retirement from them.  It was through him that we started driving over an hour on Tuesday nights to reach the families that had been saved in his home town.  His nephew and wife are growing in the Lord and I am praying that once Juan goes back to Canada in January, I will be able to use Jesus and his wife in the ministry out there.  In Jesus Maria we are seeing some new folks,  pray for the Palacios they are one of our newest families.  They have a 10 year old boy who was stoned the other day as he was witnessing for his Lord.  His Mom, Dad, and little sister are very active.

The trouble with the drug cartel is growing and over 7,000 have died this year in drug connected incidents.  Every 60 minutes someone is abducted here in Latin America.   The swine flu has had little affect on us only one person that we are connected with has been confirmed to have had the flu.  The suicide rate climes yearly here in Aguas and we are continually threatened by the reckless way in which people drive;  1 fatality every 2 days here in Aguas alone.

God has been so good to us as we were able to fly up for a week a visit our original sending church as they had a Jubilee meeting.  It was wonderful for us as we seldom get to attend any kind of special meetings here in Mexico.  We heard some 20 messages and everyone was meant for us.  It warmed our hearts as we felt to some degree had gotten callous.  It was like frosting on a cake to see friends from the past and always a blessing to remember what God has done and is still doing at Liberty Baptist Church in Ephrata, PA.  We are especially grateful for our good friend Pastor Guy Mosebrook, Evangelist Bob Hamblen and Pastor Jerry Harris who conducted the singing.  We had forgotten how we missed those wonderful hymns in English.  Every song, special music, and the great preaching served to rekindle a fire in us that we realize now burns lower from time to time.  It's an occupational hazard you might say to continually give out and not noticing as you're straining to minister.  We praise God for His careful nudging in making it plain to us that we need that kind of refreshing from time to time.

Well Praise God and extol His Holy Name!  Thanks for your faithfulness to us!

May He be real to you all.

The Hart's

Bill, Sandra, & Jessica


Hart Newsletter

 JUNE 2009

 Aguascalientes & Jesus Maria

Good Morning!

Whenever we write the Newsletter we try to make it more about the personal lives of us and our church families.  I Thes. 5:24  -  Faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it.  What a powerful promise God gives to each of us!

Out in the ranch (small rural town) of El Novillo, Daniela (10 years old) the daughter of Amparo who owns the house where we hold the church services on Tuesday night, was sick for a few weeks.  The next to the last time Amparo rushed her to the hospital here in Aguascalientes they sent her home with medicine.  The next day they thought she was dying, so they called the ambulance from Aguascalientes (over an hour drive) and they rushed her back to the hospital; her appendix had ruptured!  When you don't have insurance or money here they don't rush to do anything for you.  Thank the Lord!  she survived and is running around playing alike a 10 year old girl should.

We thank the Lord for the chance to fly to Ephrata, PA and attend the conference for a week.  It was really tremendous for us and we thank the Lord for His many blessings!  You know we get up each morning and eat breakfast, lunch, supper, and comment that the food was good.  Well, when you live in another country you don't realize that so many things cause the food you are eating to taste different.  We do like you get up from the table and say "Thank you the food  the meal was so good!"  It has been close to 2 years since we were stateside and the first thing we noticed was the food tasted so different.  The potatoes tasted like potatoes, the beef like beef, and so on....  When you become Missionaries another thing that you have to adjust to is the change of taste of your food, pray for the missionaries children they have enough trouble liking green veggies without the taste changing on them in a new home.

Here in Mexico we celebrate all the Mexican holidays as well as the standard holidays we celebrate in the states:  Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparent's Day, Easter, & Christmas.  On those special days we combine both churches and have FOOD!!  Our church families out do themselves and we usually buy rotisserie chicken or tamales and Jessica makes all those rich chocolate desserts, strawberry shortcake, banana pudding, etc....   Like us they go and get their dessert and then go for the veggies.  During the first few years here in Mexico, the people on a whole didn't eat green salad.  I started bringing raw veggies with ranch dressing dip and now at each fellowship we have a huge green salad with all the Ranch, Italian, 1000 Island .... and they eat it all.  So, a change in food taste can sometimes be good!

May 31st we had a renewal of wedding vows for Rodolfo and Rosa.  They had been married by what we would know as a Justice of the Peace at age 14 for Rosa and I believe 18 or 19 for Rodolfo.  They have 3 precious boys: Rodolfo Jr., Lalo, & Nissi.  It was a really pretty service with flowers, bridal gown, new vows, singing, rings they never had before, there three boys in suits and of course there was lunch after the service.

Continue to pray for:

1.  Grace & Truth Baptist Church, Liberty Baptist Church, Prison Ministry, and Ranch works

2.  Kid's Club in Jesus Maria at Liberty Baptist Church

3.  New Kid's Clubs that Jessica wants to start in Aguascalientes and in our ranch where we live.

4.  Juan Macias, Juan Marin, Juan Javier & Mari, Miguel & Lilli (Miguel is my right hand man at Grace & Truth in Jesus Maria)

5.  Bible Institute

6.  Men getting out of prison

7.  Jessica

8.  Strength to complete all that God wants us to do.

9.  Laborers to work with us here on the field.

May God richly bless each one of you!

Bill, Sandra, & Jessica


Apado Postal #86, Jesus Maria, Aguascalientes, c.p. 20900,  Mexico

Jessica Hart Prayer Letter SUMMER 2009

Jessica Hart

A Missionary's Helper in Aguascalientes, Mexico

June - 2009

Dear Friends & Family,

Once again, I am happy to  write that all is well in our neck of the woods.  Except of course for the swine flu!  The Governor took special precautions and closed down all city parks, libraries, open air markets, schools and any other place were people congregated.  We had been planning a special day for our children from both churches which we had to cancel.  We'll make it up to them when school lets out the middle of July.  I'm thinking a day at the zoo will be a great outing!

We have been keeping very busy with both churches.  Praise the Lord! we've seen quite a few people saved and baptized.  In Jesus Maria we have been bursting at the seems!  Sunday morning was standing room only!  On the 3rd circle, we have been having visitors just about every service!  We've been having so much fun in my Wednesday night Kid's club.  The club is called  "The Watch Dogs".  It's all about watching our manners, attitudes, and telling the people around us about Jesus' love.  The kids' have been learning the Romans' Road along with other verses meanwhile earning badges.  Each badge has a dog on it, as they rise in level, their dog gets bigger!  Level one is a Chihuahua and the last level will be a Great Dane.  I've got a great group of kids ranging from the age of five to thirteen.  They have such an eagerness to learn which is such a blessing to me as their teacher.  I pray that as they grow older, they will still allow the Lord to work in their hearts.

I was able to spend two weeks with my Grandma Barbara Hart, my Aunts & Cousins in Alabama.  I had a great visit!  The last time we were home was two years ago and it was nice to catch up with family.

We had a very special church service on Sunday, May 31st.  Rodolfo and Rosa renewed their wedding vows.  They wee married twelve years ago by a Justice of the Peace, but wanted to have a church wedding.  Their three little boys:  Rodolfito, Lalo, and Nissi were all dressed in suites to match their Dad and Rosa wore a beautiful white gown that her sisters bought for her.  After the message and renewal of their vows, we had a chicken dinner with salad, beans, nopales (steamed cactus) and of course plenty of tortillas!  What a great day in the Lord!

As I close, I would like to thank you all for remembering my family and I in your prayers.  It is such a wonderful thing to know that you all are praying for us.  I also want to thank those of you who have sent us letters, cards, and small gifts; your words of encouragement are such a blessing.

I ask that you keep my parents in your prayers and for myself, that God will continue to give me strength to follow Him.

May God Bless you all,

Jessica M. Hart

March 24, 1978

Apado Postal #86, Jesus Maria, Aguascalientes, c.p. 20900 Mexico

'Missionary Helper in Aguascalientes, Mexico'
Jessica M. Hart   

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Apdo Postal #86
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